Kaisan-do Hall (開山堂)

A Kaisan-do hall is a hall dedicated to the founding priest of a temple. Such halls are also known as Soshi-do, Miei-do, Goei-do and Ei-do. However, some sects and temples place greater importance on these Kaisan-do halls than the main hall.

Typical Kaisan-do halls
Kaisan-do hall at Todai-ji Temple in Nara
Enshrines the first head priest, Roben
It houses the National Treasure designated 'seated statue of Priest Roben.'

Kaisan-do hall at Saifuku-ji Temple in Hyogo
Also known as 'Echigo Nikko Kaisan-do Hall' and 'Oura Kaisan-do Hall.'
Houses sculptures by Uncho ISHIKAWA

Kaisan-do hall at Gaya-in in Hyogo
Features a characteristic hogyo-zukuri (pyramidal style of roof constructed over a square building) style tiled roof and colored pictures of heavenly beings.

Kaisan-do hall at Tofuku-ji Temple in Kyoto
Also known as 'Joraku-an'
The front of the building is eight bays long, it features a Zen style floor featuring tiles placed over hard-packed earthen surface, and it houses a statue of Kaisan Kokushi.

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