Kawase-jinja Shrine (Hikone City) (河瀬神社 (彦根市))

Kawase-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture.

This shrine is registered as Kawaketa-jinja Shrine in Kanzaki County, Omi Province on "Engishiki Shinmyo Cho" (list of shrines under the Engishiki [codes and procedures on national rites and prayers]). Referred to as Kawaketa-jinja Shrine until the Edo period, the shrine has been renamed Kawase-jinja Shrine since the Meiji period. The shrine of Kamo-wake-ikazuchi-jinja Shrine in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, was ceremonially transferred to Hikone City in 1864 to be the Honden (main shrine) of Kawase-jinja Shrine. This shrine has been widely believed as the god of business since long ago.

Kagura-den Hall (hall of Shinto Music and Dance)
Stone monument of Genpei TANEMURA to commemorate Batonin who directed the Festival in horse riding

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