Kenmyo-ji Temple (Fukuchiyama City) (顕妙寺 (福知山市))

Kenmyo-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple belonging to the Nichiren Shoshu Sect located in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture. Its sango (literally, "mountain name"), which is the title prefixed to the name of a Buddhist temple, is Kyudosan.

Origin and history


Established. The temple's kaiki (founding patron) was Nikken, the 67th head priest of Daiseki-ji Temple of Nichiren Shoshu Sect.

Seiryozan Sennyu-ji Temple was established in Fukuchiyama City on February 8, 1967 but the head priest at the time denied 67th head priest Nikken's position as High Priest on September 16, 1982, so was excommunicated for violating the regulations of the Nichiren Shohu Sect. However, his continued residence at Sennyu-ji Temple hindered the activities of the Nichiren Shoshu Sect in the Fukuchiyama City area, and it is for this reason that Kenmyo-ji Temple was established.


Sennyu-ji Temple returned to the Nichiren Shoshu Sect after the death of the head priest but was closed after being annexed by Kenmyo-ji Temple.


The head priest left the Nichiren Shoshu Sect for the Soka Gakkai (Value-Creation Society).


The temple returned to the Nichiren Shoshu Sect when a new head priest was appointed following the departure of the head priest who had left the Nichiren Shoshu Sect.


196 Maedashin-machi, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture

Nearby Schools

Kyoto Prefectural Fukuchiyama High School

Fukuchiyama Sasabe Elementary School


10 minute by car from Fukuchiyama Station on the Sanin Main Line.

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