Kongo-in Temple (Maizuru City) (金剛院 (舞鶴市))

Kongo-in Temple is a Buddhist temple belonging to the Toji school of the Shingon Sect located in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture.
Its honorific mountain prefix is 'Mt. Kahara' and its title is 'Jion-ji.'
The principal image is Namikiri Fudomyoo

The temple is the setting for Yukio MISHIMA's novel entitled 'Kinkaku-ji' (The Temple of the Golden Pavilion).

The maple trees that Yusai (Fujitaka) HOSOKAWA planted along with the Tsurukame no Niwa (Crane and Turtle Garden) in the Edo period are particularly famous and receive many visitors in autumn.


According to temple legend, it was founded in the year 829 by Imperial Prince Takaoka (799-865). Imperial Prince Takaoka was the third Prince of Emperor Heijo and became the crown prince of Emperor Saga but lost his status after being implicated in the Kusuko Incident. The prince later became a disciple of Kukai and became known as Cloistered Imperial Prince Shinnyo.

The three-storey pagoda was reconstructed during the Muromachi period.

Temple Precincts

Main hall
Three-storey pagoda
Unzankaku (Haiden, a hall of worship)
A bell tower
Sanmon Gate
Treasure hall
A tomb of Imperial Prince Takaoka
Kahara Park
Fudo-zaka Slope
Winding road
Iroha-zaka Slope
Small pond garden
Sennen Gaya (Torreya nucifera)
A 300 year-old willow tree

Cultural Properties

Important Cultural Properties (Nationally Designated)
Three-storey pagoda (stupa)
Color painting on silk image of Yakushi Nyorai and his twelve divine generals
Wooden standing statue of Shitsu Kongoshin (created by Kaikei)
Wooden standing statue of Jinsha Taisho (created by Kaikei)
Wooden standing statues of Zochoten and Tamonten
Two wooden statues of Kongorikishi
Wooden seated statue of Amida Nyorai


595 Kahara, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture 625-0014 (Kongo-in Temple Kyoto Prefectural Historic Nature Conservation Area)
8am on 28th of every month: Dharma lecture on the merits of Fudo
November: Autumn Leaves Festival


Approximately five kilometers northeast of the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway's Maizuru-higashi Interchange. Take the West Japan Railway Maizuru Line to Higashi-Maizuru Station, from here take the Kyoto Kotsu Bus (Maizuru) Takahama-Shiratori route for 16 minutes to the Kawara Bus Stop and walk for 5 minutes.

Bugyosugi (a magistrate Japanese ceder tree)

In the latter part of the Heian period, the entire area in which Kongo-in Temple is situated was known as 'Shiraku no Sho' and was ruled by TAIRA no Kiyomori, son of the Samurai TAIRA no Tadamori. The large approximately 25 meter tall tree that rises up from near the entrance to the temple approach is known as 'Bugyosugi' and is said to have been planted by TAIRA No Kiyomori, who was appointed 'Zoei Bugyo' (Temple Administrator).

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