Konrin-in Temple (金輪院)

Konrin-in Temple is a temple of the Tendai sect located in Koizumi-cho, Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture.
It is more often called ''Koizumi Koshin-do.''
The honorific mountain prefix is 'Gyozan', and the principal object of worship is a statue of Shomen-kongo blue-faced vajra). It is known as the main place of Koshin faith practice in Yamato Province (present-day Nara Prefecture).


Founded in 1659 by Naoyoshi FUJIBAYASHI (Sogen), who was a master of the tea ceremony and was also a vassal of Sadamasa KATAGIRI, the second lord of the Koizumi Domain, this temple became the invocatory temple of the Koizumi clan.

According to the writing ''Soban-ki'' by the monk Gyokusyu of Daitoku-ji Temple, a Shomen-kongo statue was found under ashes when Sadamasa's father Sadataka KATAGIRI burned the household furniture, and this statue went on to become the principal object of worship of the temple.

Based on the educational system in August in 1872, the elementary school, which had borrowed the residence of Hisayasu YAMAMOTO, started on December 23 in 1873, was transferred to the warehouse of this temple in February 1874, and remained as a school until it moved to the residence of Gyokan JO in February 1876.

Cultural Properties

Sangaku (mathematical tablets) were dedicated by Seiichiro YASUMURA and Yasaburo MORIUCHI. Displayed in the main hall.


10 minutes walk from Yamatokoizumi Station.

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