Korin-in Temple (興臨院)

Korin-in Temple is a sub-temple located within the precinct of Rinzai sect Daihonzan (Head Temple) Daitoku-ji Temple in Murasakino, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is not ordinarily open to the public.


Korin-in Temple was founded between 1521 and 1528 by Yoshifusa HATAKEYAMA of Noto Province who named Butchi Daitsu Zenji as founding priest, following which it served as an ancestral temple of the Hatakeyama family. The temple was repaired by Toshiie MAEDA, founder of Kaga Hyakumangoku (the wealthy Kaga Domain with a net worth of 1 million koku of rice) in 1581, after the demise of the Hatakeyama family and it became patronized as the ancestral temple of the Maeda family.


Main hall (Important Cultural Property)
A hip-and-gable cypress bark covered roof building in the hojo (Abbot's quarters) architectural style of the Muromachi period in which the alcoves are said to be the earliest in Japan. It is believed to have once been decorated by wall and sliding screen paintings by artists including Motonobu KANO and Mitsunobu TOSA but these were lost during the turbulence lasting from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji Restoration.

Front gate (Important Cultural Property)
This cypress bark-covered gate characterized by undulating bargeboards on each gable end is one of the oldest gates at Daitoku-ji Temple.

Karamon gate (Important Cultural Property)
The undulating bargeboard cypress bark-covered roof exhibits a characteristic Zen architectural style of Muromachi period.

Kankyo-tei Teahouse
A four and three-quarters tatami mat size teahouse with a cornerboard named after a poem by Sotoba and particularly favored by Oribe FURUTA that is also known as Horadoko (lit. cave alcove) due to the wing wall extending into the alcove - giving it the appearance of a cave.


Hojo (Abbot's Quarters) Front Garden
This garden was restored according to contemporary information after the disassembly and repair of the hojo (Abbot's quarters) and is said to represent the ideal mystical land of Mount Penglai.


Take the Kyoto City Bus from JR Kyoto Station to 'Daitoku-ji mae' bus stop (approximately 30 minutes) and walk.

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