Kurumazaki-jinja Shrine (車折神社)

Kurumazaki-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Saga, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City. The "zaki" part of shrine's name can also be written using two other alternative characters. It was ranked as a sonsha (village shrine) under the old shrine classification system and is now a independent.

Enshrined deity

The enshrined deity is KIYOHARA no Yorinari. Yorinari was of the Kiyohara clan, which renowned for its scholars, and he was well-known as a scholar of the Chinese classics and Confucianism during the latter part of the Heian period.
He held the position of Senior secretary of the Council of State for many years and during his later years provided political counsel to Kanezane KUJO who commented that 'such talent should be respected like that of a deity.'


A mausoleum was constructed on what is the current place of enshrinement of the Kiyohara family's territory after Yorinari passed away in 1189. A temple named 'Hoju-in Temple' after Yorinari's posthumous Buddhist name was later built and went on to become a branch temple of Tenryu-ji Temple.

The shrine's name of 'Kurumazaki' (lit. carriage splitting) was given after the ox-drawn carriages in which people were riding would suddenly split as they passed the shrine, and when Retired Emperor Gosaga was visiting Oi-gawa River his carriage suddenly stopped, which surprised him and when he enquired with people at the shrine as to the reason why, he was told that it was because the shrine enshrined KIYOHARA no Yorinari - leading the emperor to grant the shrine the name of 'Kurumazaki-Daimyojin Shrine' and the rank of Shoichii (Senior First Rank).

Cultural properties

A copy of 'Three Strategies of Huang Shigong' believed to have been written by Yorinari has been designated an Important Art Object.

There are numerous works by the painter Tessai TOMIOKA at Kurumazaki-jinja Shrine as he briefly served as chief priest and these are managed by the 'Kurumazaki Archives.'
The shrine name plate and main sanctuary tablet were also written by Tessai.


The Geino-jinja Shrine enshrining Amenouzume stands within the main shine precinct and is deeply revered by those in the performing and creative arts. These include individuals such as the actress Momiji YAMAMURA who frequently features in 2 hours television drama series and members of the pop group Arashi (Johnny & Associates).


The regular festival is held on May 14 and the 'Mifune Matsuri' is held on the 3rd Sunday in May as a continuation of this event. The festival has been held since 1928 to celebrate the enthronement of Emperor Showa and recreates the Heian period boat trip along Oi-gawa River that flows to Mt. Arashiyama.

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