Kyusho-ji Temple (Yamatokoriyama City) (久松寺 (大和郡山市))

Kyusho-ji Temple, located in Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture, is a temple of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism. Its sango (name of a group of Buddhist temples) is Myoko zan. As of 1987, it was closed.

Origin and History

It is the ancestral temple of the Honda family (Tadayoshi line). The temple of the Soto sect is called Myoko zan Kyusho-ji Temple.

Originally it was located at Ryoun-ji Temple no sue, Keno Okubomura Village, Ashikaga County, Shimotsuke Province. According to the temple history, it was founded on May 28, 1596 and the founder was Tadamasa HONDA. He founded it for salvation of Kumahime (also referred to as Yuhime or Kunihime) -- a wife of Tadamasa HONDA and a daughter of Saburo Nobuyasu OKAZAKI (granddaughter of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA and Nobunaga ODA) -- and her late father.

On June 25, 1626, Kumahime died in the Himeji Castle (Myoko-in Temple Kaiyo Yukei). Her body was cremated in Mt. Gozen and buried in Kyusho-ji Temple near the Himeji Castle.

Kyusho-ji Temple accompanied Tadayoshi HONDA. When Noto no kami (the governor of Noto Province), Tadayoshi HONDA, entered Oshu Shirakawa, he established Kyusho-ji Temple at the site of Zuiho-ji Temple in Enmyoji-cho near the Shirakawa Castle.

Tadayoshi HONDA died on September 26, 1676. His body was buried in Kyusho-ji Temple.

When Shimotsuke no kami (the governor of Shimotsuke Province), Tadahira HONDA, was transferred to Utsunomiya, Kyusho-ji Temple accompanied him (to present-day Nishihara Elementary School). In 1685, the temple was relocated in accord with the move of Tadahira HONDA to Yamatokoriyama. He established Kyusho-ji Temple at the site of Enko-in Temple, Minami Koriyama near the castle. According to Bugencho (Registers of vassals), the temple owned 150-koku of the temple estate.

In 1723, the Honda family died out.

In 1274, Kyusho-ji Temple was closed when Yoshisato YANAGISAWA was transferred to Koriyama.

In 1737, it was revived in Yadamurajo (present-day Shiro cho).

In 1934, Muroto typhoon destroyed the temple building.

In 1987, it was described as closed in error in Furusato Rekishi Encyclopedia.

In 2008, the hondo (main hall) was reconstructed. It is only existing ancestral temple of the Honda family (Takdayoshi line).


1470 Shiro-cho, Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture.


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