Nagaoka-tenmangu Shrine (長岡天満宮)

Nagaoka Tenmangu is a shrine (tenmangu) located in Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture.


It is said that the shrine was founded because SUGAWARA no Michizane stopped here on his way to Dazai-fu (local government office in Kyushu region) where he was banished. Reisai (an annual festival) is held on October 9.

Hachijogaike Pond was made in 1638 by the command of Imperial Prince Hachijonomiya Toshihito. Kirishima azalea at Hachijogaike Pond is famous, and so is the Japanese-apricot orchard in Nagaoka Park next to the pond.

Cultural properties
Sangaku (Japanese votive tablets featuring mathematical puzzles) dedicated by Yakichi IMAHORI, a disciple of Keijiku NAKAJIMA, in 1790 (stored item)

A ten-minute walk westward from Nagaokatenjin Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.

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