Nashinoki-jinja Shrine (梨木神社)

Nashinoki-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. It was ranked as a Bekkaku Kanpeisha (a special government shrine) under the old shrine classification system.

It enshrines Sanetsumu SANJO and his son Sanetomi SANJO who both played major roles in the Meiji Restoration. The water from the well within the shrine precinct is known as 'Somei-no-Mizu' and it is one of the three great wells of Kyoto. Of the three great wells of Kyoto (Samegai, Agatai, Somei), it is the only one that remains.

A shrine enshrining Sanetsumu SANJO was constructed on the ruins of the Sanjo family estate by the order of Imperial Prince Kuninomiya Asahiko and it was formally founded in 1885 when it was given the name Nashinoki-jinja Shrine after the area in which it is located and the shrine rank of Bekkaku Kanpeisha. In 1915, Sanetsumu SANJO's son Sanetomi SANJO was enshrined to commemorate the enthronement of the Emperor Taisho.

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