Remains of Sainoo abandoned temple (斎尾廃寺跡)

The remains of an abandoned temple, Sainoo-ji Temple located in Kotoura-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture is a site where a temple's complex with the "Horyu-ji-style" layout once existed in the early Nara and Hakuho periods. It was a large-scale temple which had a field dimension of about 40 thousand sq.m and measured 160 m from east to west and 250 m from north to south. It was designated as a special historic site in 1952.

It is designated as the only special historic site in the Sanin region because the excavated artifacts were in excellent conditions. Many tiles and earthenware were excavated from the remains. A scale model of the reconstructed temple and part of excavated articles are exhibited in the municipal lifelong study center "Manabi Town Tohaku."

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