Saiin Kasuga-jinja Shrine (西院春日神社)

Saiin Kasuga-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City.

It enshrines the four Kasuga no kami (Takemikazuchi, Futsunushi no kami, Amenokoyane no mikoto, Hime no kami).

Saiin Kasuga-jinja Shrine was founded in 833 as a guardian shrine for the Junna-in Villa (also named "Sai-in" and the origin of the name of the local area) into which the Emperor Junna moved when he ascended to the throne. The remains of Junna-in were excavated in the vicinity of the shrine and it is known that the imperial villa was of a large scale.

Shrine precinct
The Modoroki-jinja sub-shrine within the main precinct is known for the enshrined Modoroki okami who is believed to grant safety when travelling. During the World War II the shrine was visited by the family members of soldiers leaving for the front to pray for their safe return.

A monument to invocate the spirits of those from the Saiin region who died in conflicts following the Sino-Japanese War stands within the precinct. This was originally erected near to the Keifuku Electric Railroad Saiin Station in 1901 but was relocated to the shrine precinct and the stone changed in 1928.

Kasuga-sai Festival
This grand festival takes place on the second Sunday in October and features a parade of two portable shrines (each weighing approximately 2 tons) and five kenboko (decorated spear-like poles) accompanied by shrine parishioners, local residents and a drum and fife band.

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