Sakatashinmei-gu Shrine (坂田神明宮)

Sakatashinmei-gu Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Omi-cho, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture.

The enshrined deities
Amaterasu Omikami (the Sun Goddess)

The crest for the shrine
Tachibana (mandarin orange tree) in the circle

It is one of Moto Ise (shrines or places where the deities of Ise Jingu Shrine were once enshrined). According to the description of Shinto Gobusho in "Yamatohime no mikoto seiki," the shrine is a Moto Ise where Ise no Okami (Great God of Ise) moved in 31 B.C. from 'Kafukanohinokumono-miya Shrine (present Hikumo-jinja Shrine in Koga City) to the place of Sakatashinmei-gu Shrine and stayed there for two years. It was also called Sakata no miya Shrine. The shrine had received a large patronage from Hikone domain since Naonobu II, the lord at the time of Hikone domain venerated the shrine and developed the front of the shrine. It was listed as a village shrine In 1881 and in 1945 as a prefectural shrine.

Reisai (regular festival)
May, 1

Inner and outer shrines of the precincts

Shrines in the precincts

Shichisho miya Shrine

Shishono miya Shrine

Yamatohime no yashiro Shrine

Outer precincts Shrine

Ugano-jinja Shrine

Cultural assets
Important arts (recognized by the state)

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