Sakunado-jinja Shrine (佐久奈度神社)

Sakunado-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Oishinaka-cho, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. The enshrined deity is Haraedo no okami. It was a prefectural shrine in the old classification of shrines.

The enshrined deity

Seoritsuhime no mikoto

Hayaakitsuhime no mikoto

Ibukidonushi no mikoto

Hayasasurahime no mikoto

The crest for the shrine

Shino Jurokugiku (sixteen petals of Chrysanthemum)

The shrine was first built with the enshrinement of Haraedo no kami by NAKATOMI no Kanenomuraji at the Imperial order of the Emperor Tenchi in 669. Since then, it has been given the status of the divine rank of Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade as one of Nanase no haraidokoro in 859. It is a Shikinai-sha Myojin-taisha (shrine listed in Engishiki law). It was given the title of a sonsha (a village shrine) in 1876 and was promoted to a prefectural shrine in 1921.


April 16, Reisai (regular festival)

July 31, Mitarai sai

Shrines in precincts

Yakigama-jinja Shrine

Togama-jinja Shrine

Inari-jinja Shrine

Hachiman-jinja Shrine

Merits of the deity


Long-lasting good luck in a battle

Safety of one's family

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