Sannomiya-jinja Shrine (Katagihara, Saikyo Ward, Kyoto City) (三ノ宮神社 (京都市西京区樫原))

Sannomiya-jinja Shrine is a shrine, which is located in Katagihara-sugihara-cho, Saikyo Ward, Kyoto City. Its shrine ranking is a village shrine in the old shrine ranking. There are several shrines named Sannomiya-jinja Shrines (三ノ宮神社・三宮神社) in Saikyo Ward. Also, there is a shrine called Sannomiya-tenmangu Shrine (shrine in precincts) near this shrine.

Enshrined deities
Saketokeno kami
Oyamakui no Kami
Susanoo no mikoto

Although the year of construction of this shrine and other information are unknown, there is a tradition that this shrine is related to the mid Heian period samurai, MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu.

12-1 Katagihara-sugihara-cho, Saikyo Ward, Kyoto City

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