Seiwa-in Temple (清和院)

Seiwa-in Temple is a Chizan School of the Shingon Sect temple located in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
The principal object of worship at the temple is Jizo Bosatsu (Jizo Bodhisattva).


The temple was originally built by Emperor Montoku creating Busshinin at the south of Somedono Tei (mansion) and enshrining Jizo Bosatsu, as requested by FUJIWARA no Akirakeiko. When Emperor Seiwa was enthroned in 876 and took up residence in the southern part of Somedono, the building was renamed and became designated residence of the Imperial Prince.

Cultural property

Important Cultural Property
Wooden standing statue of Jizo Bosatsu, 165 cm tall.
Kamakura period

Previously owned by Seiwa-in Temple as the cultural property
Wooden statue of Sho Kannon, Heian period
It was once the property of a foundation of Kanagawa Prefecture and currently kept by the Kyushu National Museum.

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