Shorin-ji Temple (Kyoto City) (正林寺 (京都市))

Shorin-ji Temple is a Jodo (Pure Land) sect temple located in Kamiuma-cho, 3-chome, Higashioji Higashi-iru, Shibutani Street, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City. The temple is built on the site of TAIRA no Shigemori (Lord Komatsu)'s villa, and where the Torodo Hall - so named because he used to light 48 toro (garden lanterns) and have everyone recite the Nenbutsu - once stood, Kanezane KUJO had the site converted into a mountain villa after the Taira clan was destroyed. To this villa Kanezane then invited Honen to come and preach Buddhist sermons there; the villa became the historic spot where Kanezane took the tonsure and became a priest, with Honen as his Kaishi (a priest who initiates the new believer into the Buddhist priesthood). It is said that Honen probably lived there at the villa for a time. The temple is the fourteenth of Honen's Twenty-Five Fudasho (temples that issue sacred amulets).

History of the temple

The temple grounds were originally the site of TAIRA no Shigemori's villa, and then later became the site of Kanezane KUJO's mountain villa. It was here that, in February 1202, Kanezane entered the priesthood, with Honen as his Kaishi. In September 1205, Honen was afflicted with ague (an intermittent fever), and it is said that Seikaku performed an esoteric incantation on his behalf at that time. In April 1207, it was from this chamber that he set out for Shikoku after being exiled from Kyoto. During the Onin War, the buildings on the site were reduced to ashes. Gizan made an effort to have the site rebuilt, and passed this desire on as his dying wish to his disciple Eku, who changed it to Shorin-ji Temple, of Shinsei Zushi. In 1735, at the bequest of the Kujo family, the Kawaraden Hall building was dismantled and converted into a Daishido Hall, a Hojo (abbot's chamber), and other buildings.

Temple Treasures

The statue of Honen: it was given to the people of Sanuki, but was later relocated to the temple.

The statue of Kanezane: this was the enshrined image for the Kujo family.

The statue of Bencho: the 'Senchaku-shu' (Passages on the Selection of the Nenbutsu in the Original Vow) was endowed by Bencho.

The Fourteenth Goeika (Hymn in Praise of Buddha)

Taking shelter at the foot of the little pine that has lived a thousand years, we wait to be welcomed by the Immeasurably Eternal Buddha'

The Temple's Specific Location

Kamiuma-cho, 3-chome, Higashioji Higashi-iru, Shibutani Street, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, 605-0927

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