Tainei-ji Temple (大寧寺)

Tainei-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple belonging to the Soto Sect located in Fukawayumoto, Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Its sango (honorific mountain prefix) is Mt. Zuiun. The head priest is former Yamaguchi Prefectural University president, Hiroyasu IWATA.

Origin and History

Tainei-ji Temple was founded in 1410 by Norihiro OUCHI, a shugo daimyo (provincial lord) of Suo Province and Nagato Province, who invited Sekioku Shinryo to serve as head priest.

However, there is also the theory that the kaiki (founding patron) was Hirotada WASHIZU of the Ouchi clan. There are also theories claiming that the kaisan (first head priest) was Chio Eishu.

The temple went on to prosper as the central temple of Nagato Province. In 1466, Kanto Kanrei (Shogun's deputy in the Kanto region) Norizane UESUGI, who had grown weary from political strife and wandered the country, died at the temple.

In 1551, Yoshitaka OUCHI committed suicide at Tainei-ji Temple after he fled from Yamaguchi to the temple, surrounded by an army led by his retainer Harukata SUE who attempted to overthrow him. The temple was also destroyed by fire (the Tainei-ji Incident). Tainei-ji Temple later received the patronage of the Mori clan and was rebuilt.

Cultural Properties

Tomb of Yoshitaka OUCHI
Tomb of Hirotada WASHIZU
Tomb of Norizane UESUGI


1074 Fukawayumoto, Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture


Take the JR West Mine Line to Nagato-Yumoto Station and walk for 20 minutes.

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