Tamadeyori Matsurikitaru Sakatoke-jinja Shrine (自玉手祭来酒解神社)

Tamadeyori Matsurikitaru Sakatoke-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Oyamazaki-cho, Otokuni-gun, Kyoto Prefecture. It is commonly referred to as Sakatoke-jinja or Sakatoki-jinja. The shrine is situated near the summit of Mt. Tenno. It was listed in the Register of Deities of the Engishiki and was ranked as a Gosha under the old shrine classification system.

Enshrined deities
The main deity Oyamazumi-no-kami is enshrined along with Susanoo.

The deities originally enshrined were Yamazakino-kami and Sakatokeno-kami and their origins are unclear but they are said to be ancestor gods of the Tachibana clan. Susanoono-mikoto became the Shinto kami representation of the Gozuteno, the enshrined deity of the former Tenjin Hachiojisha Shrine, following the separation of Buddhism and Shintoism.

The details of the shrine's founding are unclear but it is known from the munafuda plaque attached to the building placing its construction at the year 717 that it was established during the Nara period. It was formerly known as Yamazaki-sha Shrine and was located on the site of current Rikyu Hachiman-gu Shrine. The Shinmyo Cho (Register of Deities) of the Engishiki (procedures of the Engi era) published in the Heian period describes the shrine as 'Tamadeyori Matsurikitaru Sakatoke-jinja Shrine located in Otokuni County, Yamashiro Province and originally named Yamazaki-sha Shrine,' classifies it as a Kanpei Myojin Taisha Shrine, and records that offerings of cloth, rope or paper are made monthly and during the Niiname festival.

Following this time, there are no records of rites and festivals held at Tamadeyori Matsurikitaru Sakatoke-jinja Shrine, and its location remains unknown until the Meiji period. The current Tamadeyori Matsurikitaru Sakatoke-jinja Shrine was formerly the 'Yamazaki Tenno-sha Shrine' that enshrined Tenjin Hachioji (Gozuteno) and stood near to the summit of Mt. Tenno since the middle ages. Mt. Tenno was originally called Mt. Yamazaki but renamed Mt. Tenno after this shrine. In June 1877, Yamazaki Tenno-sha Shrine was determined to be the Tamadeyori Matsurikitaru Sakatoke-jinja Shrine referred to in the Engishiki Shinmyo Cho and renamed Matsurikitaru Sakatoke-jinja Shrine accordingly. Oyamazumi-no-kami, the deity currently enshrined at the shrine, was installed at that time.

The shinyoko (storehouse for portable shrines) is a nationally designated cultural property.

Cultural properties
Shinyoko (storehouse for portable shrines): Nationally designated cultural property; wooden-board storehouse constructed during the Kamakura period
Mikoshi (portable shrines) (2): Constructed during the Muromachi period or before

Auxiliary and subsidiary shrines
Ushiromi-sha Shrine (Okuninushi)
Miyaji Shrine (Ashinazuchi and Tenazuchi)
Sanja-gu Shrine
Amaterasu Omikami-sha Shrine (Amaterasu omikami)
Tsukuyomi-sha Shrine (Tsukuyomi)
Ebisu-sha Shrine (Ebisushin)
Ichikishima-sha Shrine (Ichikishima-hime)

Annual festival: From May 3 to 5 (portable shrine parade takes place on May 5 of every other year)
Toshikoshi-matsuri (year-end festival): December 31

40 minutes walk from Oyamazaki Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Main Line. 40 minutes walk from Yamazaki Station (Kyoto Prefecture) on the JR Kyoto Line.

Nearby attractions
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