Tenson-jinja Shrine (天孫神社)

Tenson-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. It was a prefectural shrine in the old shrine ranking.

The Enshrined Deities
Hikohohodemi no mikoto
Kuninotokotachi no mikoto
Onamuchi no mikoto
Emperor Chuai

It is said to have been founded during 782-806. At first it was on the shore of Lake Biwa, but it was relocated to the present place during 1469-1487. Until the Meiji Restoration it was referred to as 'Shinomiya-jinja Shrine' but in the first year of the Meiji period it was given the present shago (title given to a Shinto shrine).

The regular festival is held from October 9 to10, and it is called Otsu-matsuri Festival. It is one of the three major Otsu festivals along with Sanno-sai Festival of Hiyoshi-taisha Shrine and the festival of Takebe-taisha Shrine. Also it is one of the three major lake province festivals along with Sanno-sai Festival and Nagahama Hikiyama-matsuri Festival. On October 9, there is Yoimiya (eve of a festival vigil), and on October 10, 13 hikiyama (floats) parade in the city. The origin of the Otsu festival is said to have been 1596-1615. Now Physical Education Day, which used to be October 10, has been moved to the second Monday, and so the festival is held for the two days before that.

3-3-36 Kyomachi, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

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