The Seimei-jinja Shrine (晴明神社)

The Seimei-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Kamigyo Ward of Kyoto City. It's dedicated to Seimei ABE. It's located at the site of his premises, which once existed near (northwest of) the Ichijo Modori-bashi. There are many shrines nationwide with the same name.

The history

When Seimei died in 1005, Ichijyo, the Emperor of the time, admired his work and called him the reincarnation of Inari the god. A shrine was built and dedicated to him at the site of his premises in 1007. The area of the shrine was large at first but gradually diminished through events like wars and the urban improvement by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI and its buildings were left decayed. From the last days of the Tugawa shogunate, the shrine's buildings and precincts were repaired by funds raised mainly by the shrine parishioners. In 1950, the shrine's area was changed to face Horikawa street.

During the Heisei era, Seimei ABE became extremely popular and worshipers have come to visit the shrine from all over the country. The millennium commemoration for Seimei ABE was held in 2005, when a thousand years had passed since his death.


Janually 1 : the New Year Festival

February, Setsubun day : the Setsubun Star Festival

June 26 : the Pray-No-Fire Festival

September, Syubun (Autumnal Equinox) day : the Seimei Festival

The previous date : the Yoimiya Festival

Syubun day: the Rei Festival, the Shinkou Festival

September 26 : the Saga Grave Anniversary

November 23 : the Ohitaki Festival

Subordinate shrines within the precincts

(Three shrines deified together) : Itsuki Inari Shrine, Tenman Shrine, and Jinushi Shrine

Seimei has also been worshipped as "God of name-giver", so some residents in Kyoto City visit and ask the shrine to name their babies.

(Inform several candidates beforehand, and the shrine's Shinto priest will select the best name among them on the basis of Yin-Yang and the five elements.
Or parents themselves select in consultation with the priest.)

The access

The nearest bus stop : When you are at Kyoto Station, please get on the Kyoto City Bus No. 9, and get off at Ichijyo Modori-bashi.

When you are at Keihan Shijyo Station, Hankyu Kawaramachi Station, or Karasuma Station, please get on the Kyoto City Bus No. 12, and get off at Ichijyo Modori-bashi.

A parking lot : available (100 yen charge per 20 minutes)

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