Tokugen-in Temple (徳源院)

Tokugen-in Temple is the family temple of the Kyogoku clan in Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture. It is also called Kiyotaki-dera Temple. The sango (literally "mountain name"), which is the title prefixed to the name of a Buddhist temple, is Reitsuzan. The temple belongs to the Tendai sect.


In 1283, Ujinobu KYOGOKU, the first generation of the Kyogoku clan, was appointed Omi no kami (Governor of Omi Province), and he established Kiyotaki-dera Temple in 1286.

In 1672, Takatoyo KYOGOKU petitioned the bakufu for the exchange of two villages in Harima Province of his territory with Omi Province. He re-established Kiyotaki-dera Temple, which was his family temple, in Omi Province. He gathered gravestones scattered around the area, put them in order, and donated a three-storied pagoda to the temple. Also he gathered the gravestones of his successive family heads, put them in line, and changed the ingo (name of temple's title) into Tokugen-in Temple after his father's homyo (a Buddhist name given to a person who has died or has entered the priesthood). This three-storied pagoda has been designated a cultural property of Shiga Prefecture.


In 1286, the temple was established by Ujinobu KYOGOKU, the first generation of Kyogoku clan.

In 1672, Takatoyo KYOGOKU established the three-storied pagoda.


Hondo (main hall)

Ihaido (hall of the Buddhist memorial tablet)

Kyakuden (guest hall)


The three-storied pagoda

The graveyard of the Kyogoku family

The successive Hokyoin-to pagoda (Japanese variants of stupas) of the Kyogoku family are arranged in line.

Doyo-zakura (Doyo Cherry Blossom)

The shidare zakura (weeping cherry) that is said to be loved by Doyo SASAKI known as Basara daimyo

Historic site

The graveyard of the Kyogoku family in Kiyotaki-dera Temple

Cultural properties designated by the prefecture

The three-storied pagoda of Tokugen-in Temple

The scenic beauty designated by the prefecture

The garden in Tokugen-in Temple

Cultural properties designated by the city

The wooden standing statue of Sho Kanzeon Bosatsu of Tokugen-in Temple

Dai-hannyakyo Sutra stored in Tokugen-in Temple

Doyo-zakura in Tokugen-in Temple

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