Udamikumari-jinja Shrine (宇太水分神社)

Udamikumari-jinja Shrine is located in Uda City, Nara Prefecture. There are three shrines: Yoshino (Upper or 'Kamisha'), Furuichiba (Middle or 'Chusha') and Shimoidani (Lower or 'Shimosha'). According to Furuichiba's history, the shrine was established during the reign of Emperor Sujin, and Mikumari, who was worshipped all over the Yamato Province was enshrined in this Middle Shrine in the East. When it was repainted in 2003, minute traces of colour were discovered which were used to restore it to its former glory.


Enshrined Deity
Chusha' (Middle Shrine)
Ameno Mikumari no kami
Hayaakitsuhiko no kami
Kuninomikumari no kami

Cultural Property

National Treasure
There are three main shrine buildings. Three identical buildings stand in a row. The year 1320 is inscribed on the first shrine's ridgepole, so the other two shrines are also assumed to have been built in 1320. All three buildings are built in Kasuga-zukuri style (a style of shrine architecture employed in main sanctuaries, which has the same basic form as that of the Kasuga Taisha Shrine). They are the oldest of all Sumigiiri Kasuga-zukuri style buildings with confirmed dates of construction.

Important Cultural Property
Kasuga-jinja Shrine Honden (main shrine building)
Munakata-jinja Shrine Honden (main shrine building)

Rites and Festivals

244-3 Furuichiba, Utano Ward, Uda City, Nara Prefecture


Bus: Take the Nara Kotsu Bus to Furuichiba Mikumari-jinja Mae.

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