Yamashina Hongan-ji Temple (山科本願寺)

Yamashina Hongan-ji Temple was a Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) temple located in Yamashina-ku Ward, Kyoto City. It was completed and founded on October 2, 1483 by Rennyo, the 8th head priest of Hongan-ji Temple.

A fence and mound were erected in the surrounding area to form the town of Jinai-cho (temple villages). The temple was set ablaze on October 3, 1532 by the Rokkaku clan and Hokke Sect followers.

Today Jodo Shinshu Hongan-ji School and Otani School's Yamashina Betsuin Temple stands on the site, while the ruins of the southern sanctuary stand in the Otani School's Kosho-ji Temple and the remains of the mound standing in Yamashina Central Park. The ruins of the southern sanctuary and the remains of the mound are nationally designated historic sites.

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