Yamatsuteru-jinja Shrine (山津照神社)

Yamatsuteru-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture.

The enshrined deity
Kuninotokotachi no mikoto

The crest for the shrine
chrysanthemum, paulownia

It is not unknown when it was built. It is a Shikinai-sha (shrine listed in Engishiki laws) listed in Jinmyocho (the list of deities) of Engishiki (codes and procedures on national rites and prayers). There is a record that in 851 the shrine was given Shorokui (Senior Sixth Rank) and in 866 Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade). In 1861 it was given the title of gosha (village shrine) and in 1921 was promoted to prefectural shrine.

On the temple grounds, there are burial mounds designated as the prefectural site.

Reisai (regular festival), May 5

Shrines in the precincts

Aoki-jinja Shrine

Wakamiya hachiman-jinja Shrine

Kasuga-sha Shrine

Kitano-sha Shrine

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