Zensho-ji Temple (Kyoto City) (善正寺 (京都市))

Zensho-ji Temple on Mt. Myoe is located in Okazaki Higashifukukawa-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, to the east of Kurodani Ryuko-in Temple. Tags reading 'Zensho-ji Temple on Mt. Myoe' and 'Murakumo-monzeki Zuiryu-ji Temple grave of Hidetsugu TOYOTOMI' hang on the door.


Zensho-ji Temple began with a thatched hut that was built in 1597 in Kameyama, Saga by Hideyoshi's elder sister Tomo to pray for the soul of Hidetsugu TOYOTOMI.

Hidetsugu became the adopted son of Hideyoshi and also became kanpaku (advisor to the emperor) but the relationship between Hidetsugu and Hideyoshi began to deteriorate after his son Hideyori TOYOTOMI was born, and he was ordered to commit seppuku while his wife and mistresses were executed beside Sanjo-gawa River. Following this incident, Tomo became a Buddhist nun, took the name Nisshu and established a Buddhist hall on the site of the present Zensho-ji Temple. Zuiryu-ji Temple in modern-day Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture was dedicated by Nisshu to pray for her own soul following her death.


Murakumo-monzeki Zuiryu-ji Temple grave of Hidetsugu TOYOTOMI (graves of Hidetsugu and Nisshu)

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