Zuiho-in Temple (瑞峯院)

Zuiho-in Temple is a sub-temple within the precinct of Rinzai sect Daihonzan (Head Temple) Daitoku-ji Temple located in Murasakino, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.


Zuiho-in Temple was founded in 1535 by Yoshishige OTOMO, known as the Christian Daimyo of Kyushu, who named Daiman Kokushi (Tesshu Sokyu), to whom he had become devoted, as kaisan (founding priest).
The name Zuiho-in Temple is derived from Sorin's (Yoshishige OTOMO) posthumous Buddhist name 'Zuihoin Denzuiho Sorin Kyoshi.'


Hojo (Important Cultural Property)

Constructed in 1535 and is a valuable relic of Muromachi period hojo (abbot's quarters) architecture.

Karamon gate
Front gate


Dokuzatei Garden
A modern Mt. Penglai style garden created on the 400th anniversary of founding priest Daiman Kokushi that represents the majestic solitary Mt. Penglai standing tranquilly among the raging waves.

Kanmitei Garden
A unique garden brimming with the memory of Christian Daimyo Yoshishige OTOMO and featuring a seven stone arrangement in which a hidden crucifix becomes visible when viewed from a certain angle.


Jokeian Teahouse
A reproduction of the teahouse of which Sottakusai, the 8th generation of the Omotesenke family line, was particularly fond.

Anshoken Teahouse
Favored by Seisai, the 12th generation of the Omotesenke family line. It is the only reverse arrangement teahouse within the grounds of Daitoku-ji Temple.

Heisei Taian Teahouse
A reproduction of SEN no Rikyu's Taian Teahouse constructed during the Heisei period (1989-).

Cultural properties

Important Cultural Properties
Main hall (hojo) (tsuketari an entrance)
Front gate


Take the Kyoto City Bus from JR West Kyoto Station to 'Daitoku-ji mae' bus stop (approximately 30 minutes) and walk.

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