Chokushisho (勅旨所)

Chokushisho was the organization that succeeded Chokushisho (Bureau of Edicts) abolished in 782. As with Chokushisho (Bureau of Edicts), it was in charge of commodity procurement and asset management of the Imperial family.

Though few historical materials exist that leave a true account, a draft document sent by Chokushisho in 799 to Todai-ji Temple's sango (a monk with managerial role) was compiled in 'Heian Ibun' (Documents of the Heian period). In this document, seals of Chokushisho's officials, including its director KI no Kosami and assistant director FUJIWARA no Uchimaro, are seen. Provided, however, that all of officials other than the director and assistant director were those of Kuraryo (Bureau of Palace Storehouses) and from this fact, it is believed that Chokushisho had already been absorbed by Kuraryo in effect by that time. According to "Engishiki" (an ancient book for codes and procedures on national rites and prayers), there existed chokushi toneri (official of Chokushisho) that belonged to Kuraryo as well as storehouses that belonged to Chokushisho.

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