Danjonokami (also known as Danjoin) (the head of Danjodai) (弾正尹)

Danjonokami (also known as Danjoin) was the head of Danjodai under the ritsuryo legal code system. The corresponding court rank was Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank). It took charge of censuring and impeaching violations of the law. Its office Danjodai became independent of the two departments and eight ministries to be in charge of prosecution. It mainly engaged in investigating and arresting all the officials who violated the law except for Dajodaijin.

After the police and judicial chief Kebiishi, which was not originally specified in the ritsuryo system, was established in the early ninth century during the Heian period, Danjonokami became an honorary post given to the Imperial family member with little authority.

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