Kanrei-dai (representative of a shogunal deputy) (管領代)

"Kanrei-dai" was a job title within the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun).

Kanrei-dai was a temporary post rather than a permanent one, initially referring to a time when one of the three Kanrei families acted as the Kanrei (shogunal deputy).

After the Meio Coup when dominant figures in politics outside of the three Kanrei families held the real power of the shogunate, other personages assumed the post of Kanrei-dai. The most well known among Kanrei-dai were Yoshioki OUCHI, Nagayoshi MIYOSHI and Sadayori ROKKAKU.

In particular were OUCHI and MIYOSHI, who, despite their commission being temporary, were sometimes even called tenkabito (ruler of the country). According to Shinchoko-ki (The Biography of Nobunaga ODA), Nobunaga became jun-kanrei (deputy kanrei), but it is not clear whether or not the position was identical to the post of Kanrei-dai or even his assumption of the post.

As the head of the Hosokawa kanrei family, one held the title of deputy of ukeicho, and a position called Ukeicho-dai (deputy provisional master of right) even existed, but there is room for examination on whether or not the position should be included as a Kanrei-dai.

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