Kihei Taishogun (commander of cavalry) (騎兵大将軍)

Kihei Taishogun was a military official established in the Nara period under the ritsuryo system. Kihei Taishogun was a commander to head cavalrymen who were conscripted throughout Japan, and led the cavalry to escort and dignify the entrance of foreign envoy or Imperial visit. It is also called 'Kiheishi'.


Kihei Taishogun first appeared in "Shoku Nihongi" (Chronicle of Japan Continued) entry dated the eleventh month, the day of Kinoto-Ushi in 705, when KI no Komaro was appointed Kihei Taishogun to meet and escort the Shilla envoy; it was also recorded that when FUJIWARA no Hirotsugu raised the army in Kyushu against the throne at the Rebellion of FUJIWARA no Hirotsugu in 740, Emperor Shomu went to Iga and Ise Provinces with FUJIWARA no Nakamaro as Zen (front) Kihei Taishogun and KI no Maro as Go (rear) Kihei Taishogun, guarded by 400 cavalrymen. When Emperor Shotoku visited Yuge, Kawachi Province in 765, FUJIWARA no Tadamaro and Kyofuku KUDARANOKONIKISHI were appointed respective Kihei Taishogun.

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