Kyoto Mimawariyaku (a post of Kyoto patrols) (京都見廻役)

Kyoto Mimawariyaku was a post established by the Edo bakufu to maintain public order in Kyoto at the end of the Edo period. The Kyoto Mimawariyaku retained Kyoto Mimawariyaku Gumi under it.

The Kyoto Mimawariyaku Gumi was installed on May 31, 1864, and the first personnel were Hirotaka MAITA from the Asao Domain and Yasumasa MATSUDAIRA, hatamoto (a direct retainer of a shogun). In later years, Chikayoshi HORI (Shinano Iida Domain), Choen OGASAWARA (hatamoto) and Michinori IWATA (hatamoto) were appointed.

The rank of the post was Obangashira-jiseki (assistant head of Oban) with 5,000 koku (calculation system based on rice) of yakudaka (an allowance) and 3,000 hyo (sack of rice) of yakuryo (an allowance.)
Below the Obangashira-jiseki, there were Mimawarigumi-Kumigashira (the head of Mimawarigumi) (300 hyo of bashodaka and Goshoinban-jiseki) and Mimawarigumi-Tsutomekata (200 hyo of bashodaka and Oban-jiseki), below both of which there was the Kyoto Mimawari Gumi of 200 members consisting of the second and third sons as shogun's retainers.

When Yoshinobu TOKUGAWA moved from Nijo-jo Castle to Osaka-jo Castle after Taiseihokan (restoration of the imperial regime), the Mimawariyaku and personnel of lower posts moved to Osaka for protection, but later the Mimawariyaku naturally disappeared.

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