Mugetsu no kuninomiyatsuko (牟義都国造)

Musashi no kuninomiyatsuko 牟義都国造 (also known as Mugetsukokuzo) was kuninomiyatsuko (local ruling families in ancient Japan) ruled the central part of Mino Province. It was also written as 牟宜都国造 or 身毛津国造.


According to "Kojiki," Oousu no mikoto, a son of Emperor Keiko, made an illicit love to Otohime, a daughter of Oone no miko, and had a son Oshigurootohiko no miko, who was the ancestor of the clan. It is also said that a grandfather of Emperor Keitai married a daughter of Mugetsu no kuninomiyatsuko.


The Muge 身毛 clan: It is also written as 牟下, 牟下都, 牟下津, 牟宜都, 牟義, 武義, and 牟宜津. Kabane was Kimi. Some descendants were conferred on Sukune. The clan became a relative of Kamoagatanushi by marriage and took over the role of presenting wonder-working fountain to Ookimi.


Mugi Gun, Mino Province. Present Seki City and Mino City, Gifu Prefecture.

Local tutelar deity



Mugetsu no Masurao: A regional powerful clan during the Kofun period. He was probably a retainer of Emperor Yuryaku. He played an active role in the Rebellion by Kibinosakitsuya.

Mugetsu no Hiro: A regional powerful clan during the Asuka period. He was probably Toneri of Emperor Tenmu. He played an active role in the Jinshin War.

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