Musa no kuni no miyatsuko (regional governor in ancient Japan) (武社国造)

Musa no kuni no miyatsuko (武社国造), also known as Musa kokuzo, was a kuni no miyatsuko that ruled the northeast part of Kazusa Province in ancient Japan. It was also written as 牟邪国造.


Hikohahatsu no mikoto. He was a son of Amatarashihiko kunioshihito no mikoto. He was an older brother of Oketsuhime. It is said that his grandson Hikooshihito no mikoto became Musa no kuni no miyatsuko during the reign of Emperor Seimu.


The Musashi clan. Kabane was probably Atai.
The clan was descended from the same line as the Wani clan, the Ono clan, and the Hatsusekabe clan,
Another Musashi clan (the same name with a different set of characters, its Suguri was its family title) is considered to be a different line.


Musha Kori, Kazusa Province (modern-day's central part of Chiba Prefecture)

Local tutelar deity


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