Musashi no kuni no miyatsuko (regional governor in ancient Japan) (无邪志国造)

Musashi no kuni no miyatsuko (无邪志国造), also known as Musashi kokuzo, was a kuni no miyatsuko that ruled the east part of Musashi Province. It was also written as 無邪志国造 or 武蔵国造.


Takehinadori no mikoto. The clan was descended from the same line as Izumo no kuni no miyatsuko, Tootsuomi no kuni no miyatsuko, Kamituunakami kuni no miyatsuko, Shimotsuunakami kuni no miyatsuko, Ijimu no kuni no miyatsuko, and the like. It is said that Etamohi no mikoto, the 10th descendant from Futaino ukamoroo no kamusa no mikoto was appointed as Musashi no kuni no miyatsuko during the reign of Emperor Seimu.


The Hasetsukabe clan, later, the Musashi clan. Kabane was Atai, but later, Sukune. The clan includes the Kasahara clan, the Mononobe clan, the Otomo clan, and the Hinokumatoneri clan.


The bases of the Musashi clan and the Otomo clan were in Adachi Gun, Musashi Province (Adachi Ward, Tokyo and the Southeast part of Saitama Prefecture.)

The bases of the Kasahara clan was in Kasahara Go, Saitama Gun, Musashi Province (Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture.)

The bases of the Mononobe clan was Iruma Gun, Musashi Province (Iruma City, Kawagoe City, Sayama City, Tokorozawa City, Fujimi City, Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture.)

Local tutelar deity

The Okunitama-jinja Shrine (Fuchu City): Fuchu City, Tokyo
The enshrined deity is Okunitamanokami, which is identified with Okuninushinomikoto.

The Hikawa-jinja Shrine: Omiya Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. The enshrined deity was Ohoanamuchinokami and Kushiinadamine.

The Mononobeten-jinja Shrine: Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture
The enshrined deity is Nigihayanomikoto. That is Oyagami, an ancestry god of the family of Mononobe kuni no miyatsuko.


KASAHARA no Omi: Musashi no kuni no miyatsuko during the reign of Emperor Ankan. Had a dispute about an inheritance with KASAHARA no OKI.

MONONOBE no Emaro: a Toneri, active during the reign of Emperor Suiko.
Musashino kuni no miyatsuko

HASETSUKABE no Fuwamaro: A government official during the Nara period. He was given a title of Sukune by the Yamato Court for his services in the Rebellion by Fujiwara no Nakamaro, thus became Musashi no sukune, and was appointed as Musashi no kun in omiyatsuko.

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