Nagasa no kuni no miyatsuko (regional governor in ancient Japan) (長狭国造)

Nagas no kuni no miyatsuko (also known as Nagasa kokuzo) was a kuni no miyatsuko that ruled the east part of Awa Province in ancient Japan.


Kamuyaimimi no mikoto
He was a Prince of Emperor Jinmu and an older brother of Emperor Suizei. He handed over the right of succession to the throne to his younger brother, and became a worshipper of Shinto deities. The clan is classied in the same family line that includes Tsugenokuni no miyatsuko and Nakano kuni no miyatsuko.


It was possibly the Nagasa clan. Kabane was, possibly, Aatai.


Nagasa Gun, Awa Province. The most part of the present Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture.

Local tutelar deity



There is an opinion that the clan fell under the pressures from Awa no kuni no miyatsuko and Ijimu no kuni no miyatsuko.

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