Naikyobo (training center of imperial dancing girls) (内教坊)

Naikyobo refers to a Ryoge no kan (class outside of the Ritsuryo system) under the Ritsuryo system of ancient Japan. The abbreviated name was Boke.

Official duties and summary

It is not clear when Naikyobo was established, but, it is found that Naikyobo existed at least during the period of Emperor Junnin (from 758 to 764).

Its official duty was training of dance and music. In the Naikyobo, the training was given mainly to women.
Naikyobo existed even in later days, and when assuming the post of betto (the superintendent), Chikafusa KITABATAKE said, 'it was my great honor.'


Toyo (subordinate officer of Naikyobo); also called as yoshi
Gijo (music-playing women): Trainee
Nyuju (a court lady in a lower rank)

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