Omuraji (ancient Japan) (大連 (古代日本))

Omuraji is one of the governmental posts of the Yamato sovereignty (the ancient Japan sovereignty) during the Kofun period (tumulus period). Leading daifu (master), who followed the sovereignty, omuraji administered as the assistant of okimi (emperor). Among the muraji, one of the kabane (hereditary titles), the Otomo clan and the Mononobe clan, the most powerful clans who managed the military affairs and served as the Tomonomiyatsuko (the chief of various departments at the Imperial Court), became omuraji.

Mononobenotochine's name is recorded as the first omi in "Nihonshoki" (the Chronicles of Japan), however, as it was the time of Emperor Suinin, its existence is suspected.

An omuraji was appointed each time when a new okimi came to throne; at the time of Emperor Yuryaoku, when both OTOMO no Muroya and MONONOBE no Me were assigned the position of omuraji, this poistion became a regular one together with oomi; in the early sixth century during the time of Emperor Buretsu, OTOMO no Kanemura and MONONOBE no Arakahi were both appointed as omuraji; particularly, OTOMO no Kanemura, who made great achievements, exerted its power for a long time. When MONONOBE no Arakahi died at the time of Emperor Senka, MONONOBE no Okoshi, who was the male cousin of his father, was appointed as omuraji. However, after OTOMO no Kanamura, who failed in the management of Korean Peninsula, was forced to resign due to the denouncement of MONONOBE no Okoshi, the position of omuraji was only assumed by the Mononobe clan. In the late sixth century, which was the time of Emperor Bidatsu and Emperor Yomei, MONONOBE no Moriya, a son of Okoshi, was appointed as omuraji. However, after the death of Emperor Yomei, the Mononobe clan was destroyed by a search-and-destroy unit of okimi SOGA no Umako after having conflicts over the matter of accepting Buddhism and succession to the Imperial Throne; since then, the system of omuraji was abolished and Oomi of the Soga clan took the real power of the Imperial Court.

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