Otomoshu (御供衆)

"Otomoshu" were a group of busho (military commander) attendants who proceeded to the ancient capital of Kyoto from Kamakura and devoted themselves to raising Shogun Takauji ASHIKAGA's army. Descendants of the busho who served as attendants in this group succeeded the title of Otomoshu.

Otomoshu within the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government head by a shogun). Rather than being an official post in the Muromachi bakufu, the term was used to indicate class standing. Furthermore, Otomoshu also differentiated from the family status of Daimyo or Shugo (Japanese territorial lord). In addition to Otomoshu, there were several titles such as Oshobanshu (officials who accompanied the shogun), Kunimochishu (one of many honorary terms used for local governors who were heredity vassals of the shogun) and Tozamashu (military clans who were not related to the shogun's family or did not originally support the shogun).

A few of the main Otomoshu

Yoshioki MIYOSHI
Nagayoshi MIYOSHI
Takakage ASAKURA (the tenth head of the family)
Mochinobu ISSHIKI
Toyoyuki YAMANA

The UENO clan originally came from the MINAMOTO clan


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