Satsumanokami (薩摩守)

Satsumanokami was the post of Kami (chief) of Kokushi in Satsuma province. It presided over the state affairs including administration and jurisdiction. The prescribed number was one. The post corresponded to Jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank). It was one of juryomei (allowance to be called with a special rank name adding his country name).

After the name of the character in "Heike Monogatari" (The tale of the Heike), Satsumanokami TAIRA no Tadanori, a person who steals a ride on a train or the like is colloquially called Satsumanokami because Tadanori is the homophone of fare cheating.
See 'Fare Cheating.'

Satsumanokami is one of the programs of Kyogen.


Satsuma province was Taikoku (major province) located in the area corresponding to the western part of present Kagoshima prefecture. During the Edo period, the post was inherited by the Shimazu clan that was the lord of Satsuma province for generations while Tadayoshi MATSUDAIRA was also appointed the post.

There was a case that Yoritsuna YAZAWA used the juryomei.

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