Shihan (grand master) (師範)

Grand master

Someone who has good qualities or behavior that other people should copy.

An instructor of budo (martial arts) or geido (accomplishments of art.)
Or a license and a title given from a school of the accomplishment or dojo (training hall) of the martial arts to a person who leads and trains the disciples.
It is also called shihan i (rank of grand master), shihan go (title of grand master.)
Under the grand master, junshihan (an associate grand master) or shihandai (an assistant instructor) is positioned (depending on schools and the like).

Job titles for instructors, appointed by each police headquarters of administrative divisions of Japan: Tokyo-to, Hokkai-do, Osaka-fu, Kyoto-fu and other prefectures, of training courses such as kendo (Japanese art of fencing), taihojutsu (arresting art) and the like.

A teacher of learning, military arts, or practical arts. It is also used as a naming of a license.

An abbreviated name of a school for teacher training.

Grand masters in martial arts and accomplishments.

Shihan (grand master) is a job title, a license, or a title of an instructor of martial arts including swordplay, iaido (art of drawing the Japanese sword), kendo (Japanese art of fencing), aikido (art of weaponless self-defense), and karate (traditional Japanese martial art), and other accomplishments, and it is also called shihan go (title of grand master.)
The license of the grand master is given from the head of the school of the accomplishments or the owner of the training hall of the martial arts. In many cases, when you get the grand master license, you are qualified as an instructor and permitted to establish your own training hall as a member affiliated with the school.

Judo is different from the other martial arts in that the grand master of Judo is Jigoro KANO only.

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