Shunshi (俊士)

From the Heian Period, "Shunshi" was the title given to monjosho (students of literary studies at Imperial universities).


Shunshi was the title given to monjosho who were students at Daigaku-ryo (Bureau of Education under the Ritsuryo system). During the early Heian Period when monjosho was limited to children from privileged families, Shunshi was established as a title given to the five monjosho students with the highest scholastic standing. Shunshi later began to be made up of students other than those from privileged families, and as chances to become monjosho were extended to students who were not from privileged families, the title of shunshi fell into disuse. Near the end of the Heian Period, there were a number of cases where shunshi were called Myogyomonjasho (a student who is a master of myogyo - Chinese classics of Confucianism).

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