Shurishiki (The Palace Repairs Office) (修理職)

Shurishiki (also known as Surishiki) refers to a Ryoge no kan (class outside of the Ritsuryo system) established in the Heian period.
Its Japanese name was 'Wosame (or Osame) tsukuru tsukasa.'

Official duties and history

The main duty was the repair and construction of Daidairi (the Greater Imperial Palace).

Since clerical work of Moku-ryo (Bureau of Carpentry) in charge of construction and architecture under the Ritsuryo system (ancient East Asian system of centralized governance in Japan: esp. 7th-10th century) was complicated, work of Zogushiki (Office of Works) which was merged once was delinked, and Shurishiki was newly established as Ryoge no kan in 818 in the period of Emperor Saga. In 826, Shurishiki was abolished by a merger with Moku-ryo. In 890, Shurishiki was revived and established.

Daibu (Master) (equivalent to Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade)): One person
Suke (Assistant Master) (equivalent to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade)): One person
Taijo (Senior Secretary) (equivalent to Jurokuinojo (Junior Sixth Rank, Upper Grade)): One person
Shojo (Junior Secretary) (equivalent to Jurokuinoge (Junior Sixth rank, Lower Grade)): Two persons
Daisakan (Senior Clerk) (equivalent to Shohachiinoge (Senior Eighth rank, Lower Grade)): One person
Shosakan (Junior Clerk) (equivalent to Juhachiinojo (Junior Eighth Rank, Upper Grade)): Two persons

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