TenjobitoUebito (a high-ranking courtier allowed into the Imperial Palace) (殿上人)

Tenjobito/Uebito was a court official of fifth rank or above in Japanese pre-modern government organization and permitted to enter the emperor's private living quarters, i.e., the south side of the emperor's residence Seiryoden.

The Japanese term "Shoden" means to enter the Tenjo no ma (anteroom for nobles) in the emperor's residence, and an official below the fifth rank (for example, a chamberlain of sixth rank) who was permitted to enter the Tenjo No Ma under exceptional circumstances belonged to Tenjobito. Tenjobito had their names registered in the court roster called 'Senseki', which also meant Tenjobito. Tenjobito was ordered to undertake the night duty in the Imperial Palace in exchange for the permission to enter the emperor's residence. Tenjobito included those who were permitted to enter the retired emperor's residence and the crown prince's residence. Later, Tenjobito began to mean those who were permitted to wait on the emperor as trusted vessel; whichever the meaning, the privilege was untransferable and only effective until the emperor, the retired emperor or the crown prince changed. Therefore, when the privilege ended, the nobles needed to have the imperial permission anew to enter the emperor's residence.

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