Tenyaku (government post) (典鑰)

Tenyaku referred to Honkan, a government post, which belonged to Nakatsukasasho in the ritsuryo legal code system.
The Japanese reading of Tenyaku was 'Kaginotsukasa.'


As Tenyaku first appeared with Kenmotsu in the Article of the seventh year of the reign of Emperor Jito, i.e., in 693, of "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), it is considered that Tenyaku existed in the era of Asukakiyomihara Code. Together with Kenmotsu, Tenyaku managed Shuyaku working at the warehouse of Nakatsukasasho. Tenyaku went to the Imperial Court every morning to receive a key from Mikadonotsukasa of Kokyujunishi, kept the key, handed the key to Kenmotsu if required or received the key returned from Kenmotsu, and returned the key to Mikadonotsukasa in the evening.

It is considered that the roles were strictly divided such that Tenyaku were only in charge of managing the key, Kenmotsu were in charge of receiving the key from Tenyaku, locking and unlocking with the key, and managing the delivery of the things to and from the warehouse, and Shuyaku (Daishuyaku, Shoshuyaku) were in charge of actual delivery of the things to and from the warehouse.


Daitenyaku (Junior Seventh Rank, Lower Grade): 2
Shotenyaku (Junior Eighth Rank, Upper Grade): 2

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