Udoneri (government post) (内舎人)

Udoneri was a government post under the ritsuryo legal code system. It belonged to Nakatsukasasho.
"Wamyo-sho" (a dictionary compiled in the Heian period) describes it as 'Uchitoneri.'
Udoneri' was a short title.

According to "Taihorei," Udoneri was in charge of protection of the emperor by stationing with a sword, attending on the emperor as an odd-job man, and guarding the emperor when the emperor went out. Their station was in the northeast corner of Nakatsukasasho. The prescribed number of Udoneri was 90, which increased or decreased in some periods. Once, members selected from Udoneri served as attendants on Sessho and Kanpaku as Udonerizuishin. Udoneri was selected from children of the families below Fourth Rank above Fifth Rank.

When the samurai warrior class emerged, samurai were increasingly appointed Udoneri. Members from the Minamoto clan appointed to Udoneri were called Gennai, members from the Taira clan appointed to Udoneri were called Heinai, and members from the Fujiwara clan appointed to Udoneri were called Tonai.

A well-known poet OOTOMO no Yakamochi also once served as Udoneri.

In present Japan, Udoneri is a post of the Imperial Household Agency.

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