Ushutandai (Post in Muromachi bakufu) (羽州探題)

Ushutandai was a post of the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) placed in Dewa Province during the Muromachi period.

In 1356, Kaneyori SHIBA, the second son of Oshutandai Iekane SHIBA, entered Yamagata as a supervisor Azechi of Dewa Province, and ruled Dewa Province where the forces of the Southern Dynasty including the Sagae clan had made their own territory; that was the beginning of Ushutandai. After Kaneyori SHIBA defeated the Sagae clan in the battle of Urushigawa in 1367 and subdued the forces of the Southern Dynasty under the Northern Dynasty, Kaneyori stayed there, received the title Yakata and assumed the name Mogami clan.

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