Yunonagashi (a government post in ancient Japan) (湯沐令)

Yunonagashi was a government post established in Japan during the Asuka period and took charge of managing Tomokuyu (also known as Yu no mura) that was a territory of the Imperial family.

"Nihonshoki" Vol. 28, what is called 'Jinshinki' is the record of the whole year of 672, the first year of the reign of Emperor Tenmu, and the most of the description is about the Jinshin War. In that description, Yunonagashi appears twice and Tomoku appears once.

Oama no miko (later, Emperor Tenmu), who was to open the war, sent a messenger on June 22, before went into the action by himself, to OO no Honji, the Yunonagashi, in Ahachima no Kori (later, Anpachi Gun) to order him to raise the army and block the Fuwa no Michi.
On 24, Oama no miko, who was leading the army to Ise, ran into 50 horses from Ise Province, carrying rice harvested in Tomoku, near Gunke in Uda Gun (later Uda Gun.)
On 25, Oama no miko was met by MIYYAKE no Iwatoko, who was Kuninotsukasa no kami, MIWA no Kobito who was Suke, and TANAKA no Tarimaro, who was Yunonagashi, and TAKATA no Niinomi at Gunke in Suzuka Kori in Ise Province.

Tomokuyu was a system that had long existed from the ancient China, and in the Han dysnasty, the lands were given to the members of the Imperial family, excluding the lords and kings, for their own income sources. However, the system didn't exist in the Tang dynasty in 672; therefore, it is considered that Japan adopted the system from the Han dynasty system through book(s). In the later Japanese ritsuryo legal code system, Tomokuyu was given to Chugu and Togu and the Tomoku system was the same as the Fuko system except for the name.

The only historical source that described about Yunonagashi was 'Jinshinki', and Yunonagashi appeared neither in the Chinese history nor in the Japanese history in the later ages. From that fact, it is inferred that Yunonagashi was established during the reign of Emperor Tenji, immediately before the Jinshin War, and abolished shortly after. That Oama no miko ordered Yunonagashi who was at a distance from his residence to first raise the army shows the close ties between Oama no miko and Yunonagashi. It is considered that the two Yunonagashi OO no Honji and TANAKA no Tarimaro were the heads of Tomokuyu established for Oama no miko. OO no Honji was Yunonagashi of Tomokuyu at Ahachima no Kori; but about TAKATA no Tarimaro, the opinion of the historians is divided between those who argued that he was the second Yunonagashi of the same Tomokuyu and those who consider that he was Yunonagashi of another Tomokuyu. Besides, some scholars consider that Yunonagashi was a government post appointed by the Court, and some scholars consider that Yunonagashi was appointed by Oama no miko for his own territory.

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