Banzuii (幡随意)

Banzuii (December 1, 1542 - February 2, 1615) was a learned monk in the Jodo Sect from the Sengoku period (period of warring states) (Japan) to the early in the Edo period. He was born in Sagami Province. His pseudonym was Enrenjachiyokoa-byakudo.

He became a priest at Niden-ji Temple in Sagami Province, mastered the Jodo Sect at Komyo-ji Temple in Kamakura (Kamakura City), and also studied under Sontei of Renkei-ji Temple in Kawagoe, Musashi Province. He became the chief priest of Chionin Temple in Kyoto in 1601 and founded Shinchion-ji Temple in Edo in 1603, which later became Banzui-in Temple, one of the Kanto juhachi danrin (eighteen temples for studying the Jodo Sect determined by the Edo government). He was ordered to be stationed in Kyushu by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, and urged Christians to convert to Buddhism.

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