Danrin (檀林)

Danrin was a training facility for monks in a Buddhist temple, i.e., a school of a Buddhist sect. Danrin is usually written as 檀林 but also written as 談林.

Danrin was originally an abbreviation of Sendanrin, which means a grove of trees called Sendan, for indicating a temple, but as times went by, Danrin began to indicate a temple for training monks, i.e., a Buddhist school. Particularly during the Edo period, there were Kanto Juhachi Danrin of Jodo sect, and Shimousa Iidaka Danrin (Hankoji Temple in Sosa City, Chiba Prefecture), Kazusa Miyazaku Danrin (Honkokuji Temple in Ooamishirasatomachi, Chiba Prefecture), Kyoto Matsugasaki Danrin (Honyuji Temple, present Yusenji Temple in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City), and Takagamine Danrin (Joshoji Temple in Kita Ward, Kyoto City) of Nichiren sect.

Danrin was also called Gakuryo, Gakurin, or Zenrin in some sects.

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